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Hey! Thanks for being here!

I am Cassidy Mueting (also known as Cass Sass). I am a full time stay at home mom and a RN on the side. I am married to the love of my life Nathan Mueting and we have a sweet one year old daughter, Dylan. We also have a large black lab (who could be easily confused for a horse lol). 


I created this blog because I believe God has called me to write. I am passionate about helping girls and women realize their worth through Christ and have made a commitment to continue obeying God's calling for me. 

My story has taught me so much and what I've been through has allowed me to learn so many things I hope to share with you through my writing! I hope as you read my blog post, you will realize that you are never alone and that you (yes, YOU) are worth so so so much and have purpose in this life. 

Me looking at the weekend that’s right a
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