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Mother's Day Gift Guide!

I've compiled a list of some awesome amazon finds for you to buy your pretty momma for Mother's day!

Aren't moms the best? Below you can find all the items listed in the above gift guide picture! I hope she loves whatever you pick!

Mother's day gift guide items:

1. This Cinnamon Buns Shower Gel is $30 for a 32 oz bottle and will last your momma forever! Plus it smells amaazzing.

2. These memory foam slippers are gonna keep your momma's feet so soft and comfy while she's home in this quarantine.

3. This dainty pearl bracelet is just a simple but beautiful gift that she can wear with anything.

4. You can't go wrong with bath bombs. And these bath bombs come in a box of 12 and smell so incredible you won't believe it.

5. Who doesn't love candles? This Yankee candle would be a perfect gift for your sweet momma who loves some smell good in her house.

6. This travel pillow will be a must once we can go to all the places again! And it's so versatile. Fold it and squish it how you want.

7. Did someone say a back massager?!? And this one even heats up (insert heart eyes here). I mean, who wouldn't love to have this?

8. Personalized jewelry is always a special gift! Whether you want to put their children's initials, grandkids birth stones, or something else on it, it will show them you went out of your way to make her gift special to her!

9. This wine tumbler will be your mom's go to cup! A staple for her cabinet!

10. Last but not least, a Conair foot spa for the win! I have always loved these things! It's like getting a pedicure at home that you can do every night.

Thanks for looking at my Mother's day gift guide! I hope it helped you find something special for your sweet momma this year.


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