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Let's talk vulnerability. Why is it so hard? Why do we avoid it like the plague? Why is it so important?

Why is it so hard? I believe practicing vulnerability is so hard because we are scared it won't measure up to the lives other people present. We allow ourselves to think that girl's instagram posts are her whole life- that we are seeing the whole things and it all looks amazing. We don't allow ourselves to think about the possibility that maybe she is struggling too, that she hates part of her body, or that she is scared of vulnerability too.  We want our whole lives to measure up to other people's highlight reels.  We are scared that other people will think our vulnerability is weakness.  Why do we avoid it like the plague? Because that is what we are taught. Taking a picture? Make sure to fix your hair, suck it in, stand just right, and then make sure you look good after the picture is taken. Photoshop or delete if you don't look flawless. We love seeing vulnerability in others, but we are scared that if we show it ourselves.. we will look weak, lose friends, ruin our reputation. People might think that we are showing the best we have, and man that doesn't measure up to other's picture perfect post. "Well, when they show vulnerability, it is beautiful.. but if I were to do it, it would be seen as inadequacy." What your vulnerability really looks like from the outside is courageous and beautiful. People see it and feel connected to you because they aren't perfect either and they love to know they aren't alone. Why is it so important? As cheesy as it sounds, change has to start with someone. If vulnerability is so hard because we don't see others practicing it... we have to be the ones to start. Vulnerability is our way to connect with other people. Think of the people you are closest to.. your family, your spouse, your childhood friend. I bet you've shared some intimate and vulnerable moments with them. Vulnerability is crucial to a close and meaningful friendship. When we put on a face and not let people in to who we truly are, we do protect ourselves from some potential hurt and shame, but we also are putting up a guard against feeling love and connection. 

Challenge.. This week I want to challenge you to step outside your comfort zone and be vulnerable! This doesn't have to be something huge. It could look like sharing your feelings with someone even though it's hard, telling someone about what you have REALLY been going through lately, admitting your weaknesses, posting a picture you don't love, or being real in a way you never have before. You got this. You are amazing and courageous and strong!


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