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Ehhh..hmm.. is this thing on?

Sunrise taken in Malawi, Africa

Ehh, hmmm… is this thing on? Oh, hey! I know it’s been some time since you’ve heard much from me. Think of this as a welcome back speech, an explanation for my absence, and a new beginning in the writing world. Let’s try this again!

I’m Cass. I’m a 25 year old stay-at-home-mom and an RN on the side. I’m a huge lover of what I like to call “little happys,” which for me include lattes, buying myself flowers at the grocery store, and wandering around stores pretending I’m not there to buy anything. I’m not really sure how writing fits into my bio, but I’ll explain that further later in this post. Let me make sure to tell you this first and foremost- I’m so thankful you’re here.

Whether you stumbled across this blog somehow or you know me and have supported me through all my attempted endeavors, thank you for being here. You rock. So you may be asking yourself.. what the heck am I doing? Relaunching a blog or a book or a social media presence?? Well, let me take it all the way back!

In 2018, I served on a surgical mission team in Malawi, Africa. The trip was life changing in many ways and a time that I now look back on as a pivotal moment in my journey of faith. There was something about seeing broken and desperate people in a third world country that rocked my world completely. Through the grace of God, we were able to perform many life-saving operations at no cost to them. As our time there was coming to an end, I kept feeling a tug from the Lord. I couldn’t put my finger on it though. “God.. are you asking me to move to Africa?”... “Lord, am I to be a OR or a pre-op nurse instead of specializing in women’s health?” I didn’t hear an answer.

I started questioning my career, my calling, my passions, and everything else you can think of in efforts to hear what the Lord was trying to tell me. All I could make out from the Holy Spirit was “I have more for you.” With no context or details, I left Africa with those words.

(I should note.. I don’t think I had to go to Africa to hear what God was telling me and I don’t think God only speaks to us in big moments or in crazy places. What this trip did for me was create space that I wasn’t creating at home. I heard more silence those few weeks than I had in a long time, was up to watch the sunrise in peace every morning, and didn’t have a lick of internet to allow me the luxury of mindlessly scrolling Instagram.)

After arriving back to our home in Tennessee, I pondered and prayed on what God had placed on my heart. I asked God to tell me very specifically what he wanted from me. I wanted to do His will, I just couldn’t figure out what in the world that was. Several months of prayer later, I felt a sense of direction. God was calling me to use words to spread His name. Now, I still had no clue what that looked like. A podcast? A blog? A book? Becoming a speaker? All of these scared me, but I was content at least having a direction.

The next season of my life were hard. I felt lows I had never felt before. Marriage was hard. Nursing school was hard. My emotional, mental, and spiritual health were suffering. Praise the Lord, that specific season passed, and I rediscovered my joy. Since then, I’ve written here and there. I started a book… didn’t finish. I started a blog… wasn’t as consistent as I should have been. I tried to build a social media following thinking that was the way to accomplish what God had called me to, but then had a baby and posting every 10 seconds on Instagram just didn’t feel right. I’ve recently spent 9 months fighting for my life through the beast that is postpartum depression. But God didn’t stop showing up. He guided me through every step of the way and has blessed me and my family immensely.

Recently, someone I met years ago reached out to me and invited me to a writing event. And even though I hadn’t written a word in nearly two years, I felt a huge draw to go. And man, I am glad I was obedient to that tug. The Lord has re-fueled the fire inside me and I felt clarity in this: The Lord has called me to write. My job is to be obedient, not control the outcome or the path it takes me on. So this is me, choosing to show up and trusting that God will use it to His glory, however He sees fit.

I am committing to writing more regularly, releasing a blog post every Monday for the next 6 months, and continuing to show up on social media. What comes of any of that, is out of my hands, which I take relief in.

Thanks again for being here and supporting me. I truly appreciate it more than you know!




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