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Uncovering the Truth

What I need VS the truth..

What I think I need:  A whole new wardrobe Clearer skin A flat stomach and stronger arms The latest trending shoes Whiter and less gaped teeth Shinier hair

What I really need: Self acceptance

I am realizing more and more that wants and desires never stop. We are never fulfilled by that next sweater or the newest iphone or the regular teeth cleaning. It sounds like a common sense point to make, but it's not one we are often willing to recognize in our own lives. "I get it, I get it... buying new clothes won't make me happy, but you just don't understand. I don't have ANY cute clothes and I am tired of feeling inadequate.."  I used to honestly think I could achieve all these things- slowly buy new clothes, get fit fast, go get my hair done, make my house perfect.. eventually I would achieve them all and then I'd be happy. We all know that is neither true nor possible. The list just gets longer and longer and if we allow ourselves, we begin to feel more and more inadequate because of it.  The thing we need is not new clothes or better teeth, or skin without blemishes (although there is nothing wrong with any of those things). What we need is self-acceptance. We need to learn to love ourselves and our lives regardless of what is on our "desire list." We have to learn not to let the lack of certain things define us.   You are perfect without those things. You are beautiful, and powerful, and brave regardless of what you are wearing or what your teeth look like. YOU are not defined by what you have and don't have or what people think of that fact. You are fearfully and wonderfully made and nothing you add or take away will change that fact.  This week I want to challenge you to work towards self-acceptance. Most of the time, this isn't some snap decision we make and WALA!- We are cured. It takes work and practice and failing and trying over and over again. So I'm not asking you to reach self-acceptance in a week, I'm just challenging you to take a tiny step in the right direction. When you state that you need something, ask yourself why. It's okay to buy that new sweater, but I think it's important that we don't do it because we think it will make us whole or solve our problems. It's important to check your intentions and make sure you are taking care of yourself. When you find yourself looking at yourself in the mirror with disappointment, remind yourself of the truth.. those things you think you see don't define you. Slowly work towards fully accepting yourself as is; I promise it will be worth it. 

"You are fearfully and wonderfully made and nothing you add or take away will change that fact.."

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