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Praise the Lord, for He is good.

I don't know about you, but this past week felt heavy to me. In the midst of my emotions, I sat down to do some reflecting and writing. Read what I wrote below.

Lately I have been challenged to pray for peace and contentment. Among all the uncertainty and difficulty most of us are facing in our world, I have been craving peace that I know only the Lord can provide. It's hard to be content when you feel like you've lost so much. It's hard to rest when everything around you is changing every minute. It's hard for our hearts to be content when our minds crave so much more. But the Lord tugged on my heart this past week, He reminded me that my foundation is not in this world. My solid ground is not this unpredictable world or where I live or where I work or whether or not we have power (these Nashville storms have got to go).. my foundation is found in Christ alone. My strong hold. My rock. So if I'm allowing my peace and happiness to rely on other things, I'm gonna get dizzy. It only makes sense. But if I can focus on the one never-changing thing, I can stand firm and be content with where I am, regardless of what is swirling around me. 

I have been praying for peace regardless of situational outcomes, regardless of the news, regardless of what life looks like for us in a year. I have been praying to truly trust and WANT His plan for my life (man, that's a hard one sometimes). 

Because I know the Lord is good. Sometimes I don't feel it... Sometimes my heart questions His plan and His goodness... Sometimes it looks like crying on the bathroom floor looking to heaven and asking God "Why." But ultimately I KNOW He is good. And so I choose to trust this and His plan for my life.

And you know what? He continues to show up. He continues to prove Himself good. He has done it a thousand times and He will do it again. I don't know why it is so easy to fall into questioning Him when He has never once failed me before. What a good God we serve. What a faithful God we serve. What a mighty God we serve. 

Praise the Lord, for HE IS GOOD! 

{Photo by Dolly Delong Photography}


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